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Fresatura matrice per produzione capsuleThe company started out in 1975 as a workshop specialised in high precision technical and mechanical structures and then turned its hand to the construction of capsuling machines. It broke into the world of wine-making in 2001 with the production of heatshrink capsules for bottles of wine, grappa, spirits, oil, vinegar and beer, and large polylaminate capsules for Prosecco, sparkling and champagne-type wine. It also specialised in the production of aluminium seals, more commonly called caps, for demijohns and casks. In 2007, it purchased several rotogravure machines for printing PVC and aluminium film used in the production of capsules for bottles and caps for demijohns and casks, to ensure the high quality of the final product.

Capsule dorate disposte a stellaWith these machines, Eurocaps was able to greatly speed up production times and meet the more specific needs of customers, offering a vast range of colours including many kept readily available in stock for urgent requests. Eurocaps is present on the Italian and international markets. Our customers include prestigious wineries with whom we have successfully collaborated over many years. They have used our wine capsules designed for high speed distribution in their modern bottling plants without any problem whatsoever. The market has also encouraged the Company to invest in the construction of increasingly modern, state-of-the-art machinery and thereby meet the many needs of our customers, who have always declared their satisfaction with the quality of our products and speed of delivery.


Eurocaps in Musile di Piave, in the province of Venice (Veneto)

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Logo EurocapsTo request further information or ask about our products and services, please contact us at this address: