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Focus su capsule disposte a raggiera 1. MINIMUM ORDER
a) Capsules - Anonymous (without print): 12,000 pcs
- With hot printed walls: 25,000 pcs
- With hot printed head: 50,000 pcs
- Colours on request: 60,000 pcs
- With rotogravure printing: 100,000 pcs

b) Caps
- Anonymous: 2-4,000 pcs (irrespective of diameter)
- Hot printed: 3-6,000 pcs

c) Large capsules
- Anonymous: 10,000 pcs
- With hot printed head/walls: 20,000 pcs
- Colours on request: 100,000 pcs
- With rotogravure printing: 100,000 pcs

a) If the printing equipment is already available:
- For PVC capsules: about 10/15 days
- For aluminium caps: about 20 days
- For large polylaminate capsules: about 45 days
b) If the product is a new one and the printing equipment has to be prepared:
- A further 7 days is required to set up the printing equipment.
c) We always try to speed up the process, however, if you have an urgent request.

These are calculated on the basis of the annual consumption of the various types of product.