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Printing of PVC and aluminium film

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Rotoli di pvc colorati pronti per la stampaEurocaps has a printing department equipped with rotogravure machines for printing PVC and aluminium film and, therefore, all the material required to produce heatshrink capsules, large polylaminate capsules and aluminium caps.


We can also provide printed film for capsuling companies. The colours for printing are based on the Pantone colour chart or on samples provided by the customers, like labels, capsules or similar. The minimum order for a requested colour is 50-60 kg for PVC material for capsules and aluminium material for head discs. The minimum order for a standard colour, instead, is 15-20 kg for PVC and 5 kg for aluminium. Rotogravure printing in four colours is also available.

Rotolo di pvc stampatoRoll of printed PVC We offer ready-to-use printed PVC and aluminium film, cut into small sizes, for capsuling companies that produce capsules for bottles and caps for demijohns. The various types of printed film have the following characteristics:

1. Crosswise PVC film
- for the production of heatshrink capsules
- 75 µ thick, in rolls of a width based on your specifications

2. Aluminium film
- for head discs
- 40-45 µ thick, heatshrink, in rolls measuring 29 mm in width.

3. Aluminium film
- for the production of caps for demijohns and casks
- 130-150 µ, in rolls measuring 80/90/110 mm in width.

4. Transparent PVC film with aluminium tab
- for horizontal tear strips
- 50 µ thick, in rolls measuring 100 mm in width, with gold, silver and red-coloured aluminium tab.

The material can be provided quickly in the case of urgent orders.

Rotoli di pvc inseriti in una macchina rotocalcoRolls of PVC in a rotogravure machine Printing and cutting is carried out at a very high standard to ensure you minimal waste during production. The material is shipped by our trusted couriers.