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Facts and advice

Facts and advice

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Scacchiera con capsule e capsuloni al posto delle pedine1. HOW TO CHOOSE THE TYPE OF CAPSULE

We are happy to advise you on the type, size and colour of capsule you require, and on how to best customise it. We invite you to our site where you can view samples of capsules to form an original idea for your product, and more easily choose a solution best suited to your needs.

We can even apply capsules on your bottles so that you can imagine the final appearance of the product. If you want more time to decide, you can take part in the production phase and adapt the product in real time.

Capsule nere con vistose stampe colorate2. CUSTOMISATION OF THE PRODUCT: YES OR NO?!

We recommend you personalise your product, even if you are not sure, because a product printed with a corporate logo is always much more visible than an anonymous product. It can then be easily recognised by customers who are already familiar with your product, and draw the attention of new potential customers.

Riga di capsule in pvc3. FOR SMALL-SCALE PRODUCERS


Are you a small-scale producer with a great passion for wine, and want different capsules and labels to distinguish between each type of wine, without resorting to large runs? How can you do this? - Come to us at once. Choose any of the standard colours which we always keep available (even for future supplies), the tones that you want, and create a label in harmony with these colours. Using at least two colours, it is possible to customise a product (with your corporate logo or similar) in small runs: 12,000 pcs per colour.

Vista dall'alto di un esagono composto da capsule4. ICRF or ICQ or ICQRF?



Safety seals (capsules, caps, etc.) for all containers (bottles, demijohns, casks) must bear the ICQRF code of the bottling company, preceded by IT (e.g. IT/VE……). ICRF = Ispettorato centrale repressione frodi (Central Inspectorate for Fraud Repression); ICQ = Ispettorato centrale per il controllo della qualità dei prodotti agroalimentari (Central Inspectorate for Quality Monitoring of Food and Farm Products); ICQRF = Dipartimento dell'Ispettorato centrale della tutela della qualità e della repressione frodi dei prodotti agro-alimentari (Department of the Central Inspectorate for Quality Monitoring and Fraud Repression of Food and Farm Products).

Capsule di diverso formato per birre e liquori5. BEER AND SPIRITS



We have devised a solution which allows you to open crown corks and screw caps easily by removing the top part of the capsule with one pull: triple perforation. This ensures a perfect and straight cut, and keeps the neck of the bottle both clean and clear, ready for consumption.

Serie di capsule con matrici per la pnzonatura e la stampa a caldo6. PRINTING EQUIPMENT FOR DRY PUNCHING AND HOT PRINTING




A plate is prepared for dry punching or hot printing on the body and head of the capsule. We prepare a drawing of the required product and relative printed material, at a scale of 1:1, to give you an idea of what the final product will look like. You can then make any necessary changes before we continue with production.

Riga di capsule che poggiano in verticale con le due agli estremi in orrizontale7. APPLICATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF CAPSULES

Capsules are applied on bottles with corks, crown corks or screw caps. The capsules are designed to be distributed either in high-rate automatic lines or manually with ventilated thermal heads: dryers or shrink tunnels.


We guarantee a service par excellence.










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