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Production and sale of capsules for bottles

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Capsule in pvc impilate ordinatamenteEurocaps offers the customer a complete service, from design and creation of the product to delivery. Whether you have just turned to wine-making and are not sure where to start, or have some expertise but are unsure how to proceed, or are experienced and just need a product of constant quality within a short period of time – we are here at your complete disposal. A summary of our various services, a few facts, and answers to some frequently asked questions.



Focus di una capsula verde smeraldo per evidenziare la stampa1. GRAPHICS

We offer a graphical service that, from the very start of the design phase, aims to ensure the uniqueness and distinctiveness of your product on the market. In order to harmonise the print on the label with that on the capsule, you simply need a common thread which the graphical designer suggests on the basis of what we have to offer. When there are several possible solutions, we will try to assess these with your cooperation to ascertain which one meets your needs in full. If you do not have a dossier, we can still design the graphics with reference to your calling card or similar.


Scheda di campioni cromatici in pvc2. PRINTING THE MATERIAL WITH YOUR CHOICE OF COLOURS

The colour of the background and text, like the graphics of the capsule and label, should complement each other. Our printing department is on hand to meet your every need. You can choose a tone from among those on the Pantone colour chart. Hot printing can also be carried out in a variety of colours: from transparent to matt or metallic tones and certain reflection effects.


Bottiglia e capsula in pvc3. TRANSPORT

We have trusted couriers who can deliver your product quickly and efficiently.






Cavatappi in metallo isolato sul bianco4. SALE OF WINE-MAKING ACCESSORIES

We offer a range of wine-making accessories, of which we list those most commonly used for our type of products:

- Oven for manual retraction of the capsules, with heating element and fan The capsules can be retracted easily and relatively quickly. Ideal for small batches of bottles.

- Aluminium key for the caps of demijohns and casks. This is an easy-to-use key which differs according to the diameter of the cap. It makes it possible to secure the cap perfectly on the neck of the demijohn or cask.


Useful information

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Focus su capsule disposte a raggiera 1. MINIMUM ORDER
a) Capsules - Anonymous (without print): 12,000 pcs
- With hot printed walls: 25,000 pcs
- With hot printed head: 50,000 pcs
- Colours on request: 60,000 pcs
- With rotogravure printing: 100,000 pcs


Facts and advice

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Scacchiera con capsule e capsuloni al posto delle pedine1. HOW TO CHOOSE THE TYPE OF CAPSULE

We are happy to advise you on the type, size and colour of capsule you require, and on how to best customise it. We invite you to our site where you can view samples of capsules to form an original idea for your product, and more easily choose a solution best suited to your needs.


Printing of PVC and aluminium film

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Rotoli di pvc colorati pronti per la stampaEurocaps has a printing department equipped with rotogravure machines for printing PVC and aluminium film and, therefore, all the material required to produce heatshrink capsules, large polylaminate capsules and aluminium caps.