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Aluminium caps

Aluminium caps for demijohns and casks – production and sale

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Calotte di diverse dimensioni per fusti e damigianeThe caps are made of aluminium and measure 130-150µ in thickness. The thickness is such as to ensure that the cap fits perfectly on the demijohn and cask, making the safety seal utterly dependable.





The diameter of the caps is as follows:
- 45 mm for 5-litre demijohns
- 60 mm for 28-34 litre demijohns
- 78 mm for 54-litre demijohns
- 63 mm for 28-34 litre casks
A ready stock of aluminium caps for demijohns and casks is always kept available in these standard colours: silver, gold, red, green and blue. Caps can also be produced in other colours on request, for a minimum order of 5,000 pieces. The customer can choose a Pantone colour or provide a sample of a required colour. Aluminium star caps.
The cap is available in four widths, each with tab for easy opening. The aluminium caps can be customised with the company’s logo and details and with a description of the product, which has to be present on the demijohn or cask. The text is hot printed in the customer’s choice of colour. The aluminium caps for demijohns and casks each come with a special key which differs according to the diameter of the cap. The sale of these caps is organised by Eurocaps.