Production and sale of capsules for bottles, PVC capsules


Fresatura matrice per produzione capsuleThe heatshrink capsule is the most common form of safety seal as it is suitable for a whole range of applications; it can be fitted on various types of bottle, such as for wine, grappa, spirits, oil, vinegar and beer. It is made of polyvinyl chloride, known as PVC.

This material can be pigmented – printed in bulk during production of the raw material, or glossy or satin metallic – rotogravure printed. We offer various pigmented colours normally in standard tones: silver, gold, red, green and blue. The glossy or satin metallic colours, which are rotogravure printed, are made available in the customer’s own choice of tone. This means we can create a final product – the bottle – perfectly combining the heatshrink capsule with the labels.
There are two types of PVC capsule for the various types of wine bottle:
- with ribbed head
- with flat head
The heatshrink capsule for each type of bottle has to be of a particular diameter. The length of the capsule, instead, can vary according to the length of the cork and the level of wine in the bottle. Heatshrink PVC capsules for various types of bottle PVC capsules are provided in the following sizes:
- Diameter of between 20 and 47 mm
- Length of between 30 and 75 mm.
PVC capsules measuring 20-25 mm in diameter are used for bottles of grappa in particular; designed for very thin necks, capsules of this size retract perfectly. Capsules measuring 45-46 mm in diameter are available for magnum bottles. The capsules for wine bottles can be either anonymous or printed. They can be rotogravure printed – during printing of the material of the body of the capsule, or heat printed – during production of the capsules.
Other features can include:
- Horizontal / vertical tear strip
- Simple perforation
- Double / triple perforation (for bottles of spirits with screw caps, to facilitate opening)
- With or without head disc
- Transparent or coloured head disc
- Dry punching on head
- Hot printing on head
- Hot or rotogravure printing on the body of the capsule.
Capsules in various colours, in the form of a stylised fish. The heatshrink capsules can be fitted on bottles with corks, crown corks or screw caps. The safety seals ensure the absolute airtightness of the product while the bottle capsules improve the aesthetic appearance of the product.
With the application of your corporate logo, your products are made more appealing and recognisable for the potential customer, as well as unique. The sale of wine capsules is organised through our company and various local representatives.


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