Eurocaps – the production and sale of capsules for wine bottles and caps for demijohns and casks, and the printing of PVC and aluminium film


Capsule per diversi usi disposte in modo ordinatoEurocaps’ main line of work is the production and sale of bottle capsules made using its very own machines. The capsules can be used for bottles of wine and grappa and even for bottles of spirits, oil, vinegar and beer.

We offer two types of capsule: heatshrink / PVC capsules normally used for still wine, and small and large polylaminate capsules for bottles of sparkling or champagne-type wine. We also specialise in the production and sale of caps for demijohns and casks.

These stand out on the market for the strength of their material which ensures a perfect seal on the neck of the demijohn but also ease of removal by means of a tear strip. All types of capsule for wine bottles and cap for demijohns and casks can be provided in the customer’s own choice of colour.

We also have a rotogravure printing department where we print all the material required for our various products to the highest standard of quality. The safety seals, PVC and polylaminate capsules, and aluminium caps, can all be customised with text and corporate logos. These are hot printed using colours in glossy, matt or opalescent tones and even with transparent and diffractive reflection effects.



Capsule disposte in maniera ordinata per mostrare la corona e il corpo